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Some exhausts corrode from the inside and the outside over a period of time.

This is partly due to, exhaust gasses containing moisture and forming acid inside the exhaust system.

Leaking gasses, hissing or noise may indicate small cracks in the system, due to rust or failing gaskets.

If exhaust hangers or brackets break, this could put the system under stress and may cause the system to fail.

At Chorley Street Garage, we can identify your problems with a visual check, as sometimes it may not be as serious as it appears.

At Chorley Street Garage,  we supply and fit quality exhaust systems on all makes and models of vehicles, including, catalytic converters.

We also specialise in competition and sports exhaust systems, for the performance minded dri vers and we will fit your own systems and back boxes, to your specifications, if required.

Catalytic converters, are now fitted to all cars registered after 1993.  It has an important job to do, by removing harmful pollution from the exhaust gasses.

This expensive component, is high tech and fits in with the normal exhaust system.  However, the cat is an integeral part of the engine performance system, fitted with sensors to control the gasses entering or leaving the catalytic converter. This is controlled by, the cars engine management system.

The system is measured by testing the  exhaust gas emissions and an important part of the M.O.T. test on all cars .

The catalytic converter, can be damaged if it's not tuned and if excess oil or fuel enters the system.